Full-featured note taker, outline creator and project management workbench for your Mac.

TaskCard for Mac is a nimble and easy-to-use yet deceptively powerful app for taking notes, designing outlines and organizing projects. It gives you a dedicated workplace where you can organize all your ideas, keep your notes and plan anything you want. TaskCard was designed from the ground up to be a totally unique experience on the Mac while taking full advantage of the latest features OS X has to offer.

Professionals, students and casual writers alike will appreciate TaskCard's unique approach to working with ideas while benefiting from it's powerful feature set.

Making It Easy

Say good-bye to documents, folders and saving.

Always the scourge of the clutter brained, note taking junky - documents! TaskCard doesn't want you to worry about where files are stored or how they're named before you can start writing.

Stop Losing Things

Keep clippings from any place you like.

Remember helpful links from the web, keep references to files on your hard drive, collect images and more. Attachments turn TaskCard into a powerful tool for research that integrates your notes with outside applications and forms links to other content.

Keep Organized

Todo lists with due dates in your Mac's calendar.

In addition to note and list cards you can create "task cards" which display items as check boxes with due dates. When you set the date of a task it's kept in your Mac's calendar where it will sync with all your devices and remind you when it's almost due.

Designed Like You Think

Robust hierarchies of your ideas.

The very core of TaskCard's design is to help you structure your ideas into natural "trees" that produce rich hierarchies and represent how you really think.

Hyperlink Your Ideas

Links aren't just for the web anymore.

Just like a link you click on the web, TaskCard lets you make hyperlinks in any text which jump to the original content when you click on them. You can jump to entire cards or individual items in lists regardless of what sheet they're in make hyperlinks an especially powerful tool for research and complex projects with large amount of content across multiple sheets.

Sticky Notes

Enjoy a new spin on a time-trusted classic for taking notes.

Combining OS X's world class text editing features with TaskCard's unique design makes for a new compelling way of writing sticky notes. Great for taking down quick ideas you don't plan to keep for long or plotting out a story, using TaskCard for writing is more powerful than you may think.


All your work in one place.

It's easy to sync your content across all your Macs using either DropBox or iCloud Drive (Yosemite 10.10 required).

Distraction Free Zone

Enter Dashboard mode.

Dashboard mode in TaskCard covers the desktop with a fullscreen image and brings everything to the foreground so you can focus on your work. When you want to exit just click on the background and TaskCard will be instantly hidden.

TaskCard 2

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