How does it work?
Files added to iCloud Drive in the Finder are reflected in iCloudStatus.

Drop and drop files to iCloud Drive using the Finder or save files from any other app on your Mac.

If files are added to iCloud Drive from other devices they will appear in your iCloud Drive folder automatically.

See the status of transfers on iCloud Drive in real time

Any files that were added to iCloud Drive will appear in the transfers window and the iCloudStatus image will change in the menu bar.

As files are transferred silently in the background iCloudStatus will tell you how many files are remaining and which files are complete.

iCloud Drive history log of all transfers

After all files are transferred you be notified and and all transfers will be added to your history log where they can be reviewed at a later time.

What does it do?
iCloud Drive status in the menu bar iCloud Drive status in the menu bar

In macOS users can open the Finder and search for files transferring by looking at the status icon next to the files name.

iCloudStatus streamlines the process by showing you an icon in your menu bar when files are transferring to iCloud Drive.

What else?
  • Sleek and unobtrusive interface
  • Extremely low CPU usage
  • Highly customizable settings
  • History of all transfers

Do you have any other features you want to see in future versions? Please let us know!

Give iCloudStatus a home in your Mac's menu bar today!